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WSP Dedication

If you haven’t checked out their channel yet, here’s their new video!





omg xD someone send it to them xD

^ It was Whitney who made them. 

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Anonymous said:
What do you use to make your graphics and gifs on?

I use Photoshop Cs5 extended to create graphics and gifs.

For my screen caps, even though you haven’t asked me, I use VLC media player. :]

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The One That Got Away - Graphic.

The One That Got Away - Graphic.

Thank you! 

Thank you for following me, you guys!

I’m still putting the group together and I hope to add more photosets for you. If you want certain gifs created, you can message me.

This is a side-blog, if you haven’t read the info yet. (: I appreciate you all for checking out this blog.

I may also be looking for another admin to help out with adding edits/gifs. If you’re interested, you can send me a message and we’ll talk it over. If you want my personal account, message me. I follow everyone on there! :)

URL CHANGE. fywinterspringpro 


They are amazing, that’s why. :,)

I’m such a fan of both of them.

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Anonymous said:
Hunger Games parody gifs?

Those shall be uploaded soon. ^^

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